Happsy Mattress Review

Happsy, a bed-in-a box retailer, has arrived on the scene to help customers get a better night’s sleep. How will it do this? It designed a green mattress with wool batting, organic Cotton and all-natural Latex.

These materials may be irritating to eco-friendly sleepers, but I won’t get too excited until I have put the bed through all my tried-and-true testing to see how comfortable it is. Who knows? It might end up being your bed!

Happsy Mattress


Happsy’s hybrid construction combines cotton fill, latex foam, and spring coils to provide a total of 10 inches of comfort. The intention is to create a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment, similar to other hybrid constructions. It is also possible to avoid the structure overheating by using latex or pocketed coils.

Let’s take a look at the construction of the bed to see how each element works together.

Cover – This cover is made from a knitted organic cotton blend. It’s super soft and comfortable. The cover also has a thin layer organic wool batting quilted in, giving it a more comfortable hand feel. You won’t overheat if wool absorbs heat and wicks moisture.

Close-up view of the Happsy Comfort Layer Cover – Just below the batting is a 2″ layer made of all-natural latex. This material responds quickly to pressure and provides a pleasant lift to the mattress that will position the user “on top” rather than “inside” the bed. This section of the mattress will also extend the temperature-regulating properties of the top materials to the rest of it. Latex is great at cooling.

Foundation Layer – This layer is made up of 8 inches of pocketed springs. This section doubles the bounce of latex comfort layers, giving the structure its buoyant lift. These springs are individually wrapped and will do a fantastic job at isolating motion from the bed.


Let’s take a look at how the Happsy was constructed. Now let’s talk about the firmness of the Happsy. I began by lightly pressing the mattress with my hands. I felt the soft latex layer immediately. Although I was able to press into the layer with ease, there wasn’t any sinkage or contouring. As I pushed in, I came across the support coils that lifted me out of the structure.

Here’s a note: Firmness will feel different for people with different bodies and sizes. To help me determine the firmness of the bed, I asked three people. Each of us took turns lying on the mattress and determined our individual firmness ratings. The graph below shows the results.

Although feel and firmness are always subjective, it will give you an idea of what you can expect from a mattress.

The firmness ratings of four Happsy testers. Although there was some variation among them, the average firmness rating for the Happsy was 6. This bed seems to be softer than the medium firm industry standard of 6.5.

Personally, I gave the Happsy a 6. The top latex layer will allow you to sink, but the cushioning and bounce of the pocketed coils will keep you on the top. This gives you a balanced feeling.


Instead of just telling you what the Happsy feels like, I thought I would show you a visual representation of how someone might feel pressure while lying on top.

I used a pressure map to help me do this. Then, I lied down on my stomach, back, and side on the mattress. The results can be seen in the image below, where pressure is represented as ranging from low (low pressure) up to high (high pressure).

The Happsy Back pressure map results – I felt that my weight was evenly distributed on the surface. My spine was kept in a straight line by the latex comfort layer, which helped to relieve pressure in my lower back and shoulders. It was easy for me to move and change positions because I was only interacting with the top portion of buoyant latex.

Side – I rolled onto my side and was very conscious of the pressure points that formed at my hips and shoulders, which are common problem areas for side sleepers. Although this bed isn’t very contoured, it provided some relief and comfort. The pressure formation was minimal, as you can see from the graph.

Stomach – The Happsy was on the soft side of medium firm. I felt some pressure in my chest and hips when it was in this position. Firmer beds are preferred by stomach sleepers as they support the problem areas and create an even spine alignment.


Let’s talk about motion transfer. This is the amount of disturbance that you are likely to notice from one side to the other. This test is especially useful for couples who plan to share a bed. It will tell you how disturbed you are by your partner’s frequent trips to the toilet in the middle of the night.

I dropped a 10-pound weight to illustrate the motion transfer. I dropped a steel ball at heights of 4, 8, and 12 inches. The disturbance it caused was measured.

These results were consistent with those I have seen for other latex hybrids. The combination of latex foam’s bounce and springy pocketed coils creates a dynamic structure that reacts rapidly to movement. The mattress’s individual pockets will absorb a lot of the motion and dissipate it throughout the mattress. This can dampen the overall effect. The bottom line is that you will likely feel your partner move around at night. However, it shouldn’t bother you too much.


Sinkage is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a mattress. This will tell you if you feel like you are sinking into the mattress or lying on top of it.

I used four balls of different sizes and densities to visualize the sinkage. A 6 lb, 10 lb steel, 50 lb, 100, and 100 lb medicine balls were placed on the mattress. Then, I measured the amount they compressed it.

These variations in density, size and weight are intended to mimic different body parts and different sized sleepers.

6 lb medicine balls: 1.5 inches sinkage

10 lb steel ball = 2.5 inches of sinkage

50 lb medicine balls: 4 inches sinkage

100 lb medicine balls: 6 inches of sinkage

These results are generally above average for a mattress with this design. Although this mattress has a lot of bounce, it is likely that you will sink through the latex comfort layer to provide some pressure relief. This doesn’t mean that you will be trapped in the bed. The responsiveness of the materials here will keep your body buoyant.


Edge support is also important for people who share a bed with a partner.

On the Happsy, I lay on my back. I felt the same sensation as when I was lying on the Happsy. As I moved closer to the edge, I noticed some compression in the top latex layer. This can be clearly seen in the photo. However, this didn’t compromise my security as the coils in my pockets continued to support me.

You’ll see in the photo that I felt deeper compression when I turned on my side. The latex conformed to me at my hips and shoulders, giving me much-needed pressure relief. I felt solid at the edge, and I never felt like I would roll out of bed.

As I sat on the Happsy’s side, I wanted to show you what it was like to sit up in bed while getting ready for your day. The Happsy was able to withstand this pressure better than many mattresses.


Sleep trial: 120 days

Warranty: 10 Years

Shipping: Free. Comes in a compressed box.

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The size and pricing information are provided below if you feel the Happsy mattress is right for you.

Size Dimensions

  • Twin 38″x75″x10″ $899
  • Twin XL 38″, x 80″, x 10″ $999
  • Full 53″x75″x10″ $1,199
  • Queen 60″ x80″ x10″ $1,399
  • King 76″x80″x10″ $1,699
  • California King 72″ x 84″ x 10″ $1,699


The Happsy Queen Size Mattress. Now that I have taken a closer look at this mattress, I will break it down for you:

Organic sleepers – The Happsy is a great choice for those looking for organic bedding. This mattress is made with organic cotton, wool, batting, and all-natural latex. It is both eco-friendly and comfortable.

The Happsy mattress is for anyone who needs a lot of bounce. This is a great option for anyone who needs to move around easily, or just wants to feel like they are sleeping on top of their mattress.

For those who are looking for a comfortable bed, this mattress is a good choice. The perforated latex layer and space between the coils in support system make it extremely breathable. This airflow will keep the temperature down and regulate it throughout the structure.