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Mama Pacha (Mother Earth in Quechua) you who, with your enormous wisdom and love, you give us from your belly fruits rich in nutrients to keep our body healthy; we want to thank you merging your love with our knowledge, having the balance our preparations, that’s why we offer food and beverages made with the most fresh ingredients.

An ideal place where everything is set to please your senses and relax in complete harmony with nature, where you’ll enjoy an awesome beach day, any day!. Inti Beach Club is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, on a stunning beach where palm trees and the sounds of the sea make an awesome scenario for a relaxing, spectacular beach experience. Nothing soothes the soul like the turquoise waters view, the warm ocean breeze, and the unique Caribbean feel found in here. Welcome to Inti Beach, feel at home and allow us to be smug in a healthy way.

beach club





beach club


Our beautiful beach area has been designed with the only purpose of giving you a chilling, fantastic beach day. Spend the day enjoying the real Playa del Carmen essence or come to Inti at night to enjoy an exquisite dinner on the beach, with the moon and stars as witnesses. 


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Celebrate any kind of special occasion in Inti Beach Club. Whether you’re looking for a romantic, intimate dinner on the beach, a fun bachelorette party, a birthday cake or even a magical beach wedding.

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